GIve A Gig

Astor Hostels, 191 Queensgate, London

£9 = ENTRY & 2 drinks (wine or beer)

Give a Gig is a Youth Music, fundraiser to help create more life-changing music-making opportunities for young people nationwide. We love music, we love championing creativity and opening doors for talented youngsters. It is our 4th year supporting this in London and second year in York.


Gatekeepers –Sam Crooks and Nick Anderson will have us gagging for more genre-bending harmonies mastering the upright bass and acoustic guitar. Expect hauntingly cool sounds

Nuala – get moving with this female power voice. Vintage pop, soul & blues brought together with authentic and a modern delivery. One of the UK’s hottest young talents right now.

Karl Toth - A really cool new voice with a backbone of original song writing and funky vibrant soul. Get ready to love this newbie.

From £9